Teddies For Loving Care Surrey

Helping Children in hospitals since 2001 with over 2.5 million teddies distributed!


How did Teddies For Loving Care (TLC) start?

Teddies For Loving Care was started by a group of Essex Freemasons as a community initiative to provide some comfort to distressed children in hospitals – particularly those arriving in the A and E departments.

Since 2001 over 2.5 million teddies (and counting!) have been distributed to hospitals around the UK. The success of TLC has also spread to many other Masonic Provinces and Grand Lodges around the world.

Each teddy carries a tag “Donated by local Freemasons”. This simple gesture conveys a message to the public that Freemasons are active in their respective communities.

Teddies For Loving Care in Surrey

Teddies for Loving Care was adopted by Surrey Freemasons in February 2003. East Surrey Hospital, Redhill was the first Surrey hospital to pilot the scheme.

When it launched they had 12 bears which lasted 2 weeks. Now, 10 hospitals later, each unit receives 48 bears per week!

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Surrey and private lodges support the initiative by raising much need funds to continue the good cause by way of donations from lodge funds and individual donations.


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Meet The Teddies

Teddies For Loving Care-Alice

Alice is a tomboy and loves sport. Her favourite sports are netball, tennis and football. Alice and Henry often have football competitions, and she always wins! Alice has a dog called Frankie who she loves very much, and takes him on walks every day.

Henry is the leader of the pack and is very boyish. Henry likes to play football and loves every kind of sport. Henry supports Chelsea F.C. His favourite colour is blue. His best friend is Robert.

Make a Pledge to Teddies For Loving Care

The TLC Traffic Light scheme enables your Lodge or Chapter to support us by making a five-year pledge to pay a fixed amount each year.

Certificates are given in recognition of your commitment and all supporting Lodges and Chapters will be listed here on our website.

To qualify as a Green Lodge pledge £100 per year
To qualify as an Amber Lodge pledge £75 per year
To qualify as a Red Lodge pledge £50 per year

Teddies For Loving Care Sponsorship

Teddies For Loving Care Surrey welcome corporate sponsorship and can offer many ways of associating your product or brand with TLC.

Sponsorship can be for a fixed one-year contract or a rolling five year deal on the packaging of the bear.

We can also provide links here to your company website and acknowledgement of your company’s involvement.

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