Surrey Provincial Grand Stewards Convocation

In July, the Surrey Provincial Grand Stewards’ Chapter was honoured by a visit by the ME Grand Superintendent, E.Comp. Ian Chandler.

Also present was the Third Provincial Grand Principal, E.Comp. Steve Wigmore, the Provincial Grand Scribe E, E.Comp. Dr Michael Robinson and the Deputy Provincial Grand Master of the Craft Province of Surrey, E.Comp. Richard Wileman, Past Second Provincial Grand Principal.

The Chapter was opened by the MEZ, E.Comp. Tony Wright, who welcomed the ME Grand Superintendent, members of the Provincial Executive, and guests from the Chapters in amity.

The main item on the agenda was the Installation of the Principals. E.Comp. Steve Jones was installed as First Principal, E.Comp. Ian Doy was installed as Second Principal, and Robin Ilott was installed as Third Principal.

The Robes and Sceptres Addresses were given in an excellent manner by E.Comp. Chris Eley, E.Comp. Roger Stride and E.Comp. Kevin Todd.

A ballot was taken for ten joining members, and those present were welcomed into the Chapter by the MEZ.

Afterwards the Companions of the Surrey Provincial Grand Stewards’ Chapter and their guests sat down to a splendid meal in the George Cowen Temple at the Masonic Hall, Surbiton.

Article and photo by Chris Eley.

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