Surrey Freemasons Wildlife Appeal

Building a sustainable natural environment in Surrey

 The Surrey Freemasons Wildlife Appeal has been established to enable Surrey Freemasons to support the Surrey based charity, the Wildlife Aid Foundation in creating a sustainable, natural environment in Leatherhead.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Surrey Freemasons, our friends and our families to create an accessible wetlands and nature sanctuary that will bring a lasting legacy for Surrey and benefit our environment.

Wildlife Aid Foundation

Currently, the new Wildlife Aid Foundation site offers little biodiversity and is categorized as impoverished floodplain/meadow.

By supporting the Surrey Freemasons Wildlife Appeal, the site will be transformed into a nature reserve teeming with wildlife.

The wetlands will be fully accessible with boardwalks, bird hides, wildflower meadows, beekeeping and interactive wild gardens, so visitors can truly feel at one with nature.

By working together with the Wildlife Aid Foundation, we will have a specific area of the wetlands where our donations will be used for planting in order to create new habitats.

The funds will be used to purchase trees, plants, reeds, as well as to create an area for reflection, within the dedicated Surrey Freemasons area.

The plants within the wetlands will be a living tribute to the Surrey Freemasons and, over the years, will become a fantastic addition to the local environment.




Supporting our appeal will enable us to help the Wildlife Aid Foundation create a diverse and rich environment to support the natural world around us.


The WAF (based in Leatherhead, Surrey) could not operate without volunteers. If you feel strongly about the future of British wildlife, if you just love all animals or even if it’s just because you have some free time and want to work with a group of friendly, dedicated group and like-minded people, then why not become a volunteer?

Visit the website at https://www.wildlifeaid.org.uk/become-volunteer/

We are hoping to raise £50,000 in support of this very important project.

To do this we need your help. You can donate as a Lodge or as an individual.

If every member donated just £10 we would be able to achieve this aim, and if you added gift aid, we could do even more!

Donate online by visiting


Donate from your Lodge or Chapter Relief Chest using a Green Voucher

Send your donation to the Provincial Charity Team.  Cheques made payable to Surrey Provincial Charity Fund

Through our partnership with The Wildlife Aid Foundation, Surrey Freemasons can bring the following benefits:

We will help in protecting the environment for future generations: planting will contribute to the global environment by improving air quality, conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife. Planting is an effective way to offset your carbon emissions.

Physical and mental well being: research shows that spending time in nature is good for physical and mental well being. This will be a place where people can forget about their daily problems for a bit and feel at peace with nature. A place to escape, reconnect and relax to make room for personal spiritual development.

Sense of unity: nature can bring people together and help create bonds and friendship between them. Year-on-year, the Freemasons can visit the site and see what they created in unity.

Educating and inspiring: watching a dedicated area grow over the years will teach visitors about the life cycles in the natural world around them.

It is an excellent way to inspire children, adults and the elderly to care about the environment and want to be part of taking care of it

Lasting legacy: this area will be used and enjoyed by people across the County for many years to come – benefitting not only the Freemasons but also the wider community.


“What happens next is up to every one of us.” – David Attenborough – Extinction: The Facts

 Do YOUR bit by joining iDot – iDot stands for I Do One Thing and it’s really simple

 Do one small action, each day, to benefit the natural world.  If everyone in the UK did one action every day, for just one year, that would equal a staggering 24,500,000,000 actions benefiting our natural world.

 Make one of your actions to donate to the Surrey Provincial Wildlife appeal.

 Find out more about iDot by visiting the

Wildlife Aid Foundation Website at https://idot-waf.org.uk

“British wildlife is declining at an alarming and dramatic rate. This crisis is happening right here in the UK, under our noses.

 The Wildlife Aid Foundation exists to preserve wildlife, which it does through its rescue and veterinary work – and on a broader basis through education and knowledge sharing.”

 Chris Packham


Established 40 years ago, the Wildlife Aid Foundation is a registered UK charity based in Leatherhead, Surrey dedicated to the rescue, care and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wild animals.

Each year, we deal with over 20,000 wildlife incidents, and our aim is to return every patient to the wild once they have recovered.

Our public benefit aim is to bring a greater awareness to the general plight of British wildlife and the need to provide the necessary protection to both ordinary and endangered species where required.

In 2014, a generous legacy allowed the Foundation to purchase a 20-acre site adjacent to the M25 and bordered by a stretch of the River Mole.

After years of careful planning, we have been granted planning permission to develop a new centre on the site.

The Wildlife Aid Centre will be a purpose-built wildlife hospital and rehabilitation centre, set in acres of publicly accessible natural wetlands.

An education centre, providing a range of wildlife and conservation-focused experiences, will inspire the next generation of environmental guardians to care for the natural world around them.

It will deliver a strong environmental message to enthuse young and old about the amazing biodiversity living all around us and its importance to our well being.

A large proportion of the 20-acre site will be returned to pristine wetlands habitat, creating an accessible sanctuary for species such as waterfowl, hedgehogs, badgers, birds of prey, foxes and other native species.

Wetlands provide homes for many endangered species and are part of our natural infrastructure, providing essential protection against environmental issues like flooding, drought and pollution.

Yet, nearly 35% of the world’s wetlands were lost between 1970 and 2015 (2018 Ramsar).

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