Surrey Freemasons raise 2 Million pounds so far

As we pass the £2 Million pound mark there is still much to do!

We’re over halfway through our five year Festival now and up to that milestone mark of two-million pounds.
And it’s at around this time that things often slow down, when members start to think that we will be able to coast towards our three-and-a-quarter million pounds.

In actual fact, it at this very time when we probably need to make that extra push to ensure we achieve our target.

In a recent interview the R.W. Provincial Master was saying how immensely proud he was of Surrey Masons and the innovative
ways they were raising funds. And how very honoured he was to be their President for Surrey 2019 Festival for the RMBI . . . “As I go around Surrey, I’m constantly amazed at the generosity of members and the ways they’ve raised money.”

It’s humbling to receive so many donations when I visit. And a lovely duty to be able to congratulate Brethren and Companions on their generous support, or present a Lodge or Chapter with a well- earned and deserved Festival Award.

So please, let us not lose the impetus that has carried us this far and let’s keep up our spirit of charitable fund raising.
Please support the many events whether they be social or sponsored activities by taking part or sponsoring someone.

I will be playing my part. I hope you can join me? Please accept my most grateful thanks for your generous support.”

R.W Bro Ian Chandler
Provincial Grand Master of Surrey

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