Surrey For Surrey Scheme.

Managed by the Provincial Charity Committee.

How it works.

The idea is for many Lodges and Chapters to make a donation to the Surrey For Surrey Scheme.

The scheme provides the opportunity to aggregate lots of smaller amounts into one larger donation.

Surrey For Surrey SchemeThis is beneficial where for example a charity needs to purchase a major piece of equipment.

Once the donation has built up an event is arranged for a cheque presentation to be made to the chosen charity.

Lodges and Chapters that donate are always welcomed to the event to see how the money is put to good use.

This is also an opportunity to invite the local press so the good news can be shared in the community.

Lodges and Chapters can donate to the general fund within the scheme which is designed to allow for future investments and ongoing support where need.

Alternatively Lodges and Chapters can opt to have it donated to a charity of their choice within the scheme.


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