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Royal Arch – Province of Surrey

The Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch of Jerusalem.

Or Chapter as it is more commonly known in Freemasonry, is thriving in Surrey with many Chapters meeting at various Masonic Halls in the Province of Surrey.

The Royal Arch is a continuation of Craft Freemasonry and its members are known as Companions.

A Mason is eligible to join the Royal Arch in Surrey once he has been a Master Mason for 4 Weeks and upwards.

Members of Craft Lodges wear a Royal Arch breast jewel to show the close affinity between the two orders.

As in all Degrees the ritual of Royal arch is an allegory providing a spiritual dimension which focuses the mind of the Companion without conflicting with their religions beliefs.

A Chapter operates in many ways similar to a Craft Lodge in that it has Officers and a Degree into which a Brother is Exalted.

Many Craft Lodges also have a Royal Arch Chapter attached to them usually taking the name of the Lodge.

Royal Arch Freemasonry in Surrey is active in charity, sports events and social events with an active events calendar twinned with Craft Freemasonry.

Each Freemasons Lodge has a Royal Arch Representative who will answer any question about joining a Royal Arch Chapter in Surrey.

The prime qualification for admission into the Royal Arch is to be a Master Mason, of at least four weeks standing, in a Lodge under the United Grand Lodge of England, or a Lodge under a Grand Lodge recognised by it.

As in all other Masonic Orders you will need a proposer and seconder who are members of the Chapter in which you seek to be exalted. If your Lodge does not have a Royal Arch Chapter attached to it it will probably have an arrangement with a local Chapter. You can view a list of Chapters and meeting dates here.

Check your Lodge summons which may give details of either the Chapter attached to it, a Chapter to which it supplies candidates or a member of the Lodge who is a Royal Arch Mason who will assist members interested in joining the Royal Arch.

If there are no details on your Lodge summons you can usually identify the members of your Lodge who are Royal Arch Masons as they will normally wear the jewel of the Order with their Craft regalia. They will be more than happy to speak about membership.

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You can also contact the Provincial office for details about membership.

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