Provincial Grand Secretary’s update

Official Visitors process has been put in place.

The aim being that Lodge Official Visitors will now have closer contact with the Lodges which they oversee and be readily available to offer support, especially with regards to membership issues.

The season is well under way now and hopefully most, if notall Lodges have been visited by your OV, officially or unofficially. Your OV is there to assist you – So use him.

 that we are now asking Lodge Secretaries to do is to complete the OVF3 form after every meeting. This is basically an attendance register.

This form goes to your Lodge OV and he will ensure that Brethren who are unable to attend are contacted and not forgotten.

So if you miss a meeting or two and then get a call, don’t be surprised. It may well be someone from the Lodge or your OV looking out for you and making sure that all is well.

Early next year, two receptions will be held by the Provincial Grand Master. They will be at different centres across the province. All WM’s, SW’s and JW’s will be invited to attend, as well as all Chapter MEZ’s, H’s and J’s.

These receptions will be an opportunity for you and your partner to meet the Provincial Grand Master and other members of the Provincial Executive in informal surroundings. More details will follow in due course.

 Provincial Carol Service is on 16th December at St John the Divine church, Upper Selsdon Road, South Croydon, CR2 8DD.

A great way to kick off Christmas, so bring the children/grandchildren along.

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