ProvGM Goes Fishing – Again!

ProvGM Goes Fishing – Again!

I was anticipating quite a bit of rain but we were very lucky on the day with just a couple of short showers.

We tried a new format on the day with a random pairs draw with the idea that each pair of anglers would work as a team to discuss tactics, bait etc. Unfortunately as the M25 motorway was only about 20 meters behind us this proved somewhat difficult with the constant traffic noise.

This was a new venue for us and, as the fishery only normally opens from Friday to Monday, we had Ash lake and the whole fishery to ourselves. The owner Phil kindly provided us with breakfast before the draw at 9am.

Some started with a method feeder while others were catching up in the water but come the afternoon the margins proved to be where the fish were.

Rod Wood unfortunately was the lone angler without a partner and was using a pole for the first time and found it to be quite challenging losing a fish, his tackle and breaking the elastic on his pole. Keep practising Rod.

Joe Staff had an unusual catch – a rod and reel!

There were some decent weights though.
Results as follows
Ian Chandler & Barry Newton        199lb 09oz
Michael Bourke & Peter Ashton     144lb 08oz
Martin Kiy & Joe Staff                     125lb 11oz
Martin Haimowitz & David Olliver   122lb 05oz
Rod Wood – fishing solo                   31lb 00oz

The three highest individual weights were
Martin Kiy          116lb 02oz
Ian Chandler      113lb 10oz
Michael Bourke   93lb 09oz

Well done to all those who came along and hopefully enjoyed the day and  big thank you to the Boss for his support!

Peter Ashton

Surrey Mason Fishing
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