Tony Mills

10 Minute Mason

We asked brethren to complete a short questionnaire (taking only 10 minutes) about their journey in Freemasonry.

This month, Tony Mills has answered our questions. Tony is a retired Technical Director and has been in Masonry for 20+ years.
Here are his answers:

What are your interests/hobbies?

Watching sports, particularly football. Chair of Governor at local secondary school.

Which lodge are you a member of?

Surbiton Lodge 214

How did you get in to Freemasonry?

I joined a Round Table lodge in Sandwich.

How long have you been a Mason?

20+  years

What rank are you?

Past Master

What were your first views of Freemasonry?

It gave me the opportunity to meet so many different people from all walks of life, all focussed on doing good charitable work.

What are your views now?

After seeing charity in action by so many Freemasons, my view has been reinforced.

What aspects of Freemasonry do you enjoy?

The camaraderie plus the thrill one gets from putting on a great ceremony for new members.

Are there any parts of Freemasonry you would change?

I would remove variations in the ceremony between lodges, to facilitate new members joining other Lodge of Instructions and learning a consistent script.

Are there any interesting stories from your lodge, or a lodge you have visited, that you would like to share?

Surbiton lodge has had a large intake over the last 18 months, requiring us to ask other lodges to do the 2nd ceremony for new members. This has had the unforeseen benefit of increasing our visits to other lodges, which has forged stronger links within the Province of Surrey. We now prefer to ‘outsource’ the 2nd ceremony regardless of our meeting schedule.

Do you belong to any other orders? (If so, which ones)


Please tell us about any other Masonic interests you have.

The support lodges and Masonic Charitable Foundation give to charities is outstanding. Recent donations from Freemasons to our local charity Yorda (in Chessington) have really made a difference to the care for children with severe disabilities. Heart warming doesn’t do it justice!

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