10 Minute Mason

We asked brethren to complete a short questionnaire (taking only 10 minutes) about their journey in Freemasonry.

This month, Luke Sommer has answered our questions. Luke is a Healthcare Director and has been in Masonry for 5 years. He is 35 years old and enjoys his Freemasonry.

Here are his answers:

What are your interests/hobbies?

Fly fishing.

Which lodge are you a member of?

Fountainhead Lodge

How did you get in to Freemasonry?

I visited my local centre.

How long have you been a Freemason?

5  years

What rank are you?

Master Mason

What were your first views of Freemasonry?

There was a wonderful atmosphere

What are your views now?

It has made me a better person

What aspects of Freemasonry do you enjoy?

I enjoy the ritual work.

Are there any parts of Freemasonry you would change?


Do you belong to any other orders? (If so, which ones)

Chapter, Mark, Ram, SRIA, Allied and one I can’t tell you about

What made you join these orders?

I wanted to get a fuller picture of the meaning of Craft Masonry

Please tell us about any other Masonic interests you have.

I am interested in how Freemasonry transforms people, often with out them realising.

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