Liam Humphrey

10 Minute Mason

We asked brethren to complete a short questionnaire (taking only 10 minutes) about their journey in Freemasonry.

This month, Liam Humphrey has answered our questions. Liam is an IT Technician and has been in Masonry for 3 years. He is only 22 years old and enjoys his Freemasonry.

Here are his answers:

What are your interests/hobbies?

Masonry, going to the gym socialising with friends.

Which lodge are you a member of?

Purley lodge 3136

How did you get in to Freemasonry?

A mutual friend of My Grandad and I introduced us to Freemasonry as he thought we would enjoy the friendship and charity work that Freemasons do.

How long have you been a Freemason?

3  years

What rank are you?

Master Mason

What were your first views of Freemasonry?

I did not know what to expect at first but as time went on i wanted to learn more about the history of it.

What are your views now?

My views have not changed that much from when I had first joined as there is still so much to learn. I am enjoying my journey within my lodge as I have got to know each member more over the years and have grown very close. I would say they are my second family.

What aspects of Freemasonry do you enjoy?

I enjoy the ritual work that is performed within the lodge. also meeting up once a week for Lodge of Instruction practising what we have learnt there is always a good bit of friendly banter, and I would have to say Ladies Night as well, as it is always a great event.

Are there any parts of Freemasonry you would change?

None at the moment as I have only been a member for 3 years.

Are there any interesting stories from your lodge, or a lodge you have visited, that you would like to share?

The first time I ever tried snuff was at my lodge’s festive board. There is a whole back story behind taking snuff at Purley lodge. One of our founding members in 1906 donated a silver snuff box in which was inlaid with some corn grains used at the consecration of the lodge. A visitor to our lodge Worshipful Bro Edward Sahakhian, who owns a famous tobacco store in Mayfair, donated some snuff for use at our festive boards. So now after every lodge meeting the snuff box is passed around for those who would like to partake.

Do you belong to any other orders? (If so, which ones)

Royal Arch Chapter

What made you join these orders?

I had joined this order because I wanted to extend my knowledge on freemasonry

Please tell us about any other Masonic interests you have.

I really enjoy the history about Freemasonry.

Do you have any other stories you think would be interesting to share with our readers?

When my oldest brother Andrew Humphrey joined Purley lodge, he had my father, John Humphrey, guide him around the lodge as Junior Deacon. Then when I joined I had Andrew take me around the Lodge as Junior Deacon. At our last meeting my other brother, Joseph Humphrey, was initiated with my dad as Worshipful Master, Andrew as Senior Warden and myself as Junior Deacon. I had the pleasure of taking my brother around the lodge. This was a really special moment for me and my family, and for everyone in Purley. It was a real honour to have been part of a meeting that was a first in the history of the lodge.

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