10 Minute Mason

We asked brethren to complete a short questionnaire (taking only 10 minutes) about their journey in Freemasonry.

This month, we asked Emmanuel Ofuasia a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist of Purley Lodge No. 3136. Since joining Masonry in 2015 he has now become a Master Mason.
Here are his answers:

What were your first views of Freemasonry?
“A body interested in search for truth and spiritual enlightenment.”

What are your views now?
“To add to the former – Brotherly Love”

What aspects of Freemasonry do you enjoy?
Every Aspect!

Do you belong to any other orders? (If so, which ones)

Martinist, Royal Arch and Mark Masonry

What made you join these orders?

“Spiritual evolvement and understanding the oneness of man and Supreme Being ”

Please tell us about any other Masonic interests you have.

“Foundation Club, Chapter, SRIA”

Do you have any other stories you think would be interesting to share with our readers?

“I believe I have become a better person, understand better the universe around me and also strengthen my faith as a Christian “

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