Ben Simmons

10 Minute Mason

We asked brethren to complete a short questionnaire (taking only 10 minutes) about their journey in Freemasonry.

This month, Ben Simmons has answered our questions. Ben is a barber and aspiring garden designer and has been in Masonry for 1 year.
Here are his answers:

What are your interests/hobbies?

I am a keen rugby fan and until recently I also played for a local grassroots team. I also enjoy weightlifting and a variety of strength sports among my many other hobbies.

Which lodge are you a member of?

Surbiton 2146

How did you get in to Freemasonry?

When I was 18 I met a bricklayer on a landscaping site I was working on and saw his square and compass ring. When I asked him about it he explained freemasonry and from that moment I wanted to join but was informed that i was too young but when I turned 21 he would put me forward as a candidate. Unfortunately, I lost contact with him and so it wasn’t until many years later that I actually joined.

How long have you been a Mason?

1  year

What rank are you?

Master Mason

What were your first views of Freemasonry?

I thought it sounded incredible. An ancient fraternity with the common goal of doing good was how it was explained to me and it certainly gave me an interest in joining.

What are your views now?

I wasn’t disappointed, but it is so much more than what I could have imagined.

What aspects of Freemasonry do you enjoy?

Constant learning. Whether it be ritual, symbolism or the many aspects of working on committees like the Surrey Masonic Sports Association for which I am now the communications officer.

Are there any parts of Freemasonry you would change?

I think with only a year under my belt I’ve not experienced enough in freemasonry to want to change anything as yet.

Are there any interesting stories from your lodge, or a lodge you have visited, that you would like to share?

Being part of a quadruple initiation 100 years on from when a similar initiation happened in our lodge felt quite special, then after an incredible passing at Addlestone Lodge, being Raised to the third degree next to my best friend was a moment I will never forget.

Do you belong to any other orders? (If so, which ones)

Not yet, but I am due to be joining the Mark Masons soon.

What made you join these orders?

I think that I have just fallen down the Masonic rabbit hole and want to keep the journey going.

Please tell us about any other Masonic interests you have.

I’m interested in the history of Freemasonry. It is something that I would like to look further into in the future.

Do you have any other stories you think would be interesting to share with our readers?

Not a story as such, more of a recommendation, any Master Mason who have not been to Freemasons hall on Great Queen Street, please go. A couple of us from Surbiton went for the Provincial Grand Lodge AGM and it is just phenomenal, the museum is particularly great and the Grand Temple is breathtaking.

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