Parthenon Lodge Sutton Surrey

Parthenon Lodge No 1826.

Freemasons Lodge in Sutton, Surrey.

Meeting Dates:

The fourth Tuesday of February, the third Tuesday of April and the second Tuesday of October and December.

About Parthenon Lodge in Sutton, Surrey.

We are Parthenon Lodge No 1826 in the Provincial Grand Lodge of Surrey.

We hold our Freemasons meetings at the Sutton Masonic Centre in Grove Road, Sutton, Surrey.

A brief history.

Parthenon Lodge No 1826 was founded 6th June 1879 in the town of Egham which is situated near to the River Thames to the West of London in the county of Surrey.

The Lodge Secretary, W. Bro W.A. Barrett a past master of Alfred Lodge No 340 had the important task of writing the minutes of this consecration meeting and the first summons, which was also hand written, a daunting task by any measure.

The Warrant of the Lodge was signed and dated the 28th April 1879 and the minutes recorded “an ode in honour of masonry” was sung. Sadly we are unable to be sure of the version used as there are many variations.

As a point of interest there were Masons from all walks of life who were our founding fathers, they were.

A Doctor of Medicine
Three Barristers
A Musician
A Clerk in Holy Orders
An  Architect
A Professor of Singing at the Royal Academy of Music
Gentlemen of the Chapels Royal

The lodge has many traditions but always looks to the future.

The senior members of the lodge will continue to encourage members to make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge and continue our charitable work and open the pathways to advancement in Freemasonry.

At the festive board we encourage brotherly love and friendship that we have developed over many years and encourage fellow Masons to attend as our guests.

Meeting Place:

Sutton Masonic Hall,
9 Grove Rd,
Greater London

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