Noel Chapter Centenary Convocation

On Tuesday the 12th November 2019 the Noel Chapter No 2444 celebrated its 100 Year Anniversary.

It was 100 years to the day that the Chapter was Consecrated.

To celebrate the occasion the Chapter was honoured by a visit from the ME Grand Superintendent, E.Comp. Ian Chandler.

Also present was the Deputy Grand Superintendent, E.Comp. Richard Knox, the Second Provincial Grand Principal, E.Comp. Stephen Dingvean, the Third Provincial Grand Principal, E.Comp. Steve Wigmore, the Provincial Grand Scribe E, E.Comp. Dr Michael Robinson, and many Provincial Officers of the year.

The Chapter was opened by the MEZ, E.Comp. Keith Taylor, who welcomed the ME Grand Superintendent, members of the Provincial Executive, and the many guests present.

The ME Grand Superintendent accepted the Sceptre and took the Chair.

After introducing the Provincial Officers present he took the minutes and invited the MEZ to resume his place in the Chapter.

The MEZ invited the ME Grand Superintendent to present Supreme Grand Chapter Certificates to Companions David Gadsby, David Robinson and Errol Atkinson.

This he did in a most interesting and informative way.

The Chapter Charity Steward, Comp. Philip Ainsworth, proposed donations totalling £3,000 be made to the Alzheimer’s Society, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Surrey, the Tadworth Childrens’ Trust and Linden Bridge School.

This was carried unanimously.

The ME Grand Superintendent congratulated the Companions of Noel Chapter on their tremendous support for various local charities.

We then received an interesting talk by E.Comp. Bob Jones on what it is like to be a volunteer at the Tadworth Childrens’ Trust.

The ME Grand Superintendent, the Second Provincial Grand Principal, the Third Provincial Grand Principal, and the Provincial Grand Scribe E took the Chairs for the Centenary celebration.

The Chapter Scribe E read the minutes of the first Convocation held on the 12th November 1919 at the Assembly Rooms, Surbiton.

It was worthy of note that at the second Convocation 12 Candidates were Exalted into Royal Arch Masonry and at the third Convocation another 5, with a further 8 at the fourth Convocation.

The Provincial Grand Scribe E read the Centenary Charter following which the ME Grand Superintendent presented the Charter to the MEZ.

The Third Provincial Grand Principal gave a most interesting Oration and the ME Grand Superintendent invited the Principals to resume their seats in the Chapter.

E.Comp. John Holding, the Scribe E, mentioned that today was also another special day for their longest serving Companion, E.Comp. Ray Eades.

His wife is celebrating her 90th birthday today. The Scribe presented Ray with a bouquet of flowers for his dear wife to thank her for letting Ray attend the Convocation.

After the regular business of the Chapter was completed the Chapter was closed and after the customary photographs the Companions retired to the bar. The photo shows the Principals and Companions of Noel Chapter.

Afterwards the Companions of Noel Chapter and their many guests sat down to a splendid meal in the Elizabethan Suite at the Masonic Hall, Surbiton.

Article and photos by Chris Eley

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