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Mentoring Checklist

Although many of the practical aspects detailed on this checklist are likely to have been addressed by the Proposer / Seconder, the Mentor should make sure this is the case. Likewise, if another Companion in the Chapter is fulfilling the hands-on mentor role, the Chapter Mentor should simply provide oversight.

Before Exaltation:

  • Check that the Proposer / Seconder have made arrangements for purchase of RA regalia in good time.
  • Have you introduced yourself to the Candidate?
  • Does the Candidate have any questions or concerns?
  • Is the Candidate aware of the time and place of his Exaltation?
  • Is the Candidate aware of what regalia he will need to bring?
  • Is the Candidate aware he will need to give a short reply to the speech in his honour (you may wish to provide him with a format)?
  • Is the Candidate aware of membership subscriptions and Exaltation fee (which he will need to pay on the evening)?
  • Is the Candidate aware he will be proved in the three degrees of Freemasonry?

The Exaltation:

  • Check the Candidate has everything he needs (regalia, speech format etc).
  • Put Candidate at his ease.
  • Check that he has been made welcome and introduced to key Chapter members as far as possible (he is likely to be set apart from the robing room).
  • At and following the Festive Board, ensure he has been introduced to Chapter Officers.
  • Ensure the new Exaltee is aware of the “domestics” of the Chapter (meeting dates, practices etc.).
  • Check that he has been given the opportunity to obtain a ritual book.
  • Give key leaflets / documents to the Candidate at the Exaltation. In particular the booklets “A Guide for New Royal Arch Masons” and “Royal Arch Exaltation Explained” must be given. Copies are available from Scribe E (please check beforehand that they are available).
  • Forward any additional information/background to the Companion soon afterwards.

Post Exaltation:

  • Make contact with the Companion in an informal manner. Check if he has any questions or needs any further information at this stage and that he is aware of when the next meeting is.
  • Before the next regular meeting, ensure he is aware that he is more than welcome to attend Practice.
  • Explain that this will help him understand the ceremony in more detail.
  • At the practice, encourage the Chapter Officers to explain what they are doing / saying for the benefit of the new Companion (and others). A discussion with the DC may help to prompt this.

First Meetings:

  • Ensure that the new Companion is welcomed into his first meetings (either personally or checking someone is looking after him).
  • Give the Companion a copy of the words to the Opening and Closing ode and the Perambulation hymn (if the Chapter does not distribute hymn sheets at Convocations).
  • Either sit next to him in the Temple and at the Festive Board (or ensure someone is doing likewise – “buddy” / Proposer etc). This is particularly important to check as the Mentor, proposer etc may have another Office in the Chapter. This is also an excellent opportunity to explain (quietly!) what is going on.


  • Provide further information to the new Companion, depending on their needs. It is important not to overload them.
  • Volunteer to accompany him on visits to other Chapters if he is so disposed.
  • Gauge how interested he is in the order and its teachings and, in time, whether he has the inclination to pursue an Office in the Chapter and / or participate in ceremonies. It is important not to push him too quickly. This has to be handled with tact. However, if he is capable and keen then support him further and indicate his interest to the Chapter Principals, DC and Chapter Committee.
  • As time moves on, the Companion will hopefully become engaged and involved in the Chapter and able to make his contribution to the fullest extent. The need for mentoring will decline with time and he will eventually be able to mentor new Candidates himself.

Provincial Chapter of Surrey
With acknowledgment to Provincial Grand Chapter of Cumberland & Westmorland

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