Masonic Lodges in the Province of Surrey.

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Lodge Name and Number

Masonic Meeting Centre

Meeting Days

Meeting Months

Saint Johns 1564 Surbiton Saturday Jan,Feb,Mar,Oct, Nov
Saxondom 6786 Croydon Saturday Apr,Jun,Sep,Nov
Sceptred Isle 8036 Croydon Monday Feb,Apr,Sep,Nov
Selsdon Park 5005 Croydon Saturday Jan,May,Oct
Semper Fidelis 5867 Sutton Saturday Jan,Apr,Jun,Oct
Septem 5887 Surbiton Thursday Feb,Apr,Sep,Dec
Shirley Hills 7369 Croydon Thursday Mar,Jun,Sep,Dec
Shirley Park 3938 Croydon Saturday Mar,Jun,Sep,Nov
Simplicitas 5704 Croydon Saturday May,Jun,Oct,Dec
Sir Francis Drake 6053 Sutton Friday Feb,Apr,Oct,Nov
Sit Perpetuum 5725 Bisley Friday Mar,May,Jul,Sept,Oct
South Croydon 4567 Croydon Friday Jan,Mar,May,Oct
South Surrey Masters 8321 Redhill (Nutfield) Friday Feb,Jun,Nov
South West Surrey Masters 5965 Guildford Last Weekday Apr,July,Nov
Southborough 7045 Surbiton Saturday Feb,Apr,Jun,Nov
Spirit of St George 9373 Surbiton Saturday Jan,Mar,May,Jul,Oct,Dec
Spring Park 5689 Croydon Saturday Jan,Mar,Sep,Nov
Springfield 6052 Croydon Wednesday Jan,Mar,May,Nov
Springwell 6697 Sutton Wednesday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
St Andrews 1046 Farnham Thursday Feb,Mar,Oct,Nov,Dec
St Catherines Priory 7960 Guildford Wednesday Jan,Mar,May,Sep,Nov
St Crispin 9046 Farnborough (Hants) Thursday Jan,Feb,May,Sep,Oct,Nov
St Georges 370 Chertsey Saturday Feb,Apr,Jun,Sept,Nov
St Georges, Esher 6597 Surbiton Thursday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
St Leonards Streatham 3809 Croydon Tuesday Feb,Mar,Apr,Nov,Dec
St Margarets 1872 Surbiton Thursday Jan,Feb,Mar,Oct,Nov
St Peters 7406 Chertsey Wednesday Jan,Apr,Sept,Nov
St Saviours 5853 Guildford Saturday Jan,Mar,Sep,Nov
Star of Croydon 4286 Croydon Saturday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Star Of Stoneleigh 8244 Sutton Tuesday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Stoneleigh Coronation 5699 Sutton Saturday Feb,Jun,Oct,Dec
Stoneleigh Park 7659 Surbiton Friday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Streatham Vale 5623 Croydon Tuesday Jan,Mar,May,Oct
Surbiton 2146 Surbiton Tuesday Jan,Mar,May,Oct
Surrey 416 Redhill (Nutfield) Wednesday Jan,Mar,May,Nov
Surrey Hills 7494 Croydon Thursday Feb,Apr,Sep,Nov
Surrey Secretaries Golden Jubilee 9764 Surbiton Monday Jan, first working day Sept
Sutton 3090 Sutton Wednesday Jan,Mar,Oct,Nov
Sword and Trowel 5847 Surbiton Wednesday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Table Fellowship 8989 Surbiton Tuesday Feb,Apr,Jun,Oct,Nov
Tamesa 6806 Sutton Thursday Feb,May,Oct,Dec
Tandridge Hundred 5767 Redhill (Nutfield) Thursday Mar,May,Oct,Dec
The Friends 9789 Surbiton Monday Apr,May,Sep
Thurlow Park 5476 Redhill (Nutfield) Thursday Jan,Mar,May,Nov
Tiffinian Lodge 3530 Surbiton Thursday Jan, Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov
Triumvirate 9505 Sutton Monday Feb,Apr,Sep,Nov
Trojan 7698 Surbiton Friday Jan.Mar,May,Oct
Turner 4181 Surbiton Wednesday Feb,Mar.May.Sep,Nov
Upper Thames 6138 Surbiton Monday Feb,Apr,Sep,Nov
Vale of Caterham 7316 Redhill (Nutfield) Wednesday Jan,Apr,Sept,Nov
Venture Ad Astra 8069 Surbiton Saturday Feb,May,Oct,Dec
Waddon 4162 Croydon Thursday Jan,Mar,May,Nov
Wallington 1892 Sutton Saturday Jan,Mar,Oct,Nov
Walton-on-Thames 6348 Surbiton Monday Feb,May,Sep,Dec
Wandsworthians 5365 Stoneleigh Inn Stoneleigh Broadway Monday Fed,Apr,Oct,Dec
Warlingham Redhill (Nutfield) Tuesday Apr,Jun,Sep,Nov
Waterfall 4139 Chertsey Wednesday Mar,May,Oct,Dec
Waverley 4723 Farnham Monday Feb,Mar,Apr,Oct,Nov,Dec
Wayside 1395 Guildford Tuesday Jan,Feb,Mar,Oct,Nov
Welcome 5055 Surbiton Thursday Mar,May,Sep,Dec
West Croydon 5688 Croydon Monday Jan,Mar,Oct,Nov
West Surrey Installed Masters 9902 Farnham Monday Feb,May,Nov
Weybridge 6787 Guildford Wednesday Feb,Apr,May,Oct,Dec
Whitgift 3617 Croydon Saturday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
William Cobbett 7914 Farnham Friday Feb,Apr,May,Oct,Dec
Willow 6051 Surbiton Friday Mar,May,Oct,Dec
Windlesham Dawn Chertsey Friday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Woking 6264 Godalming Friday Jan,Feb,Mar,Nov,Dec
Woodcote 4891 Redhill (Nutfield) Friday Feb,Mar,Oct,Nov
Woodcote Epsom 6293 Surbiton Saturday Mar,June,Sep,Dec
Woodstock 7948 Guildford Tuesday Mar,Apr,Jun,Oct,Dec
Woolsack 8221 Godalming Wednesday Feb,Mar,Oct,Nov,Dec
Worcester Park 5402 Sutton Thursday Feb,Mar,Oct,Dec
Worplesdon 9076 Surbiton Friday Jan.Mar,May,Oct,Dec
Ye Olde Wells 6541 Sutton Saturday Jan,Apr,Oct,Dec
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