Masonic Lodges in the Province of Surrey.

M to R

Lodge Name and Number

Masonic Meeting Centre

Meeting Day

Meeting Months

Malden 2875 Surbiton Thursday Jan,Feb,Apr,Oct,Nov
Manor of Bensham 7114 Croydon Monday Jan,Mar,May,Oct
Merantune 6149 Surbiton Monday Jan,Mar,Sep,Nov
Merton 2790 Surbiton Tuesday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Michelham 8502 Sutton Saturday Mar,Jun,Sep,Dec
Mid-Surrey 3109 Sutton Thursday Feb,May,Oct,Nov
Mid-Surrey Masters 7388 Sutton Penultimate W/day Jan,Mar,Oct
Mole 4627 Sutton Wednesday Feb,Apr,Sep,Dec
Molesey 2473 Surbiton Saturday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Morden 4958 Surbiton Monday Jan,Mar,Sep,Nov
Morden Park 8038 Sutton Tuesday Mar,May,Oct,Nov
Moreford 7097 Surbiton Saturday Mar,May,Sep,Nov
Mount Ararat 9239 Surbiton Wednesday Mar,Jun,Oct,Dec
Mozart 1929 Surbiton Saturday Mar,Jul, Oct, Dec
New Era 4057 Surbiton Monday Mar,Jun,Sep,Nov (Tuesday)
Noel Surrey Motorcycle Lodge 2444 Surbiton Wednesday Jan,Mar,Sep,Nov
Noel Money 2521 Surbiton Tuesday Feb,Mar,Oct,Nov
Nonsuch Park 5859 Sutton Monday Jan,Mar,May,Sep,Nov
North Surrey Masters 5905 Surbiton Last Weekday Mar,Jun,Oct
North Downs 7010 Guildford Saturday Jan,Mar,Sep,Nov
Oak Tree 9408 Bisley Tuesday Feb,April,Oct, Dec
Oakfield 7011 Croydon Tuesday Jan,Mar,Sep,Nov
Oaks 5921 Redhill (Nutfield) Saturday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Old England 1790 Croydon Thursday Feb,Mar,Oct,Nov,Dec
Old Franhamians 7282 Farnham Saturday Jan,Mar,May,Nov
Old Palace 7173 Croydon Wednesday Mar,May,Oct,Dec
Old Sinjuns 3232 Surbiton Friday Feb,May,Sep,Nov
Old Strodians 7803 Chertsey Wednesday Mar,May,Sept,Nov
Onslow 2234 Guildford Thursday Feb,Mar,Oct,Nov
Operative 8783 Croydon Friday Feb,May,Sep,Nov
Oxshott 7622 Surbiton Monday Jan,Mar,May,Nov
Parthenon 1826 Sutton Tuesday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Perfect Ashlar 6951 Sutton Thursday Mar,May,Sep,Nov
Petersham 4514 Guildford Saturday Jan,Mar,Apr,Oct,Nov
Pilgrims Way 5306 Redhill (Nutfield) Tuesday Feb,Apr,Oct
Pinewood 8426 Surbiton Friday Jan,Mar,Jun,Oct
Porchway 7027 Croydon Saturday Jan,Feb,Apr,Oct
Precision 5855 Surbiton Friday Feb,May,Sep
Pride of Surrey 9167 Sutton Friday Jan,Apr,Sep,Nov
Prince David 4915 (Shotgun Lodge) Surbiton (and other centres) Various Days Feb,Apr,Sep,Dec (Months can change)
Prince of Wales 4845 Sutton Thursday Feb,May,Oct,Dec
Priory Gate 8202 Chertsey Saturday Jan,Mar,May,Oct, Nov
Purley 3136 Croydon Saturday Jan, Mar,Sep,Nov
Redwood Lodge Surbiton Thursday Jan,Mar,Sep,Nov
Regis Aurigae 9264 Epsom (RAC Country Club) Monday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Reigate Priory 4526 Redhill (Nutfield) Wednesday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Renascentur 6636 Croydon Saturday Jan,Mar,Oct,Nov
Richard,Earl of Shannon 8297 (Stewards) Surbiton (and other centres) Friday Feb,Jun,Sep
Riddlesdown 6107 Croydon Monday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Rosehill Park 8389 Sutton Friday Feb,May,Oct,Dec
Royal Albert Edward 1362 Redhill (Nutfield) Saturday Jan,Feb,Apr,Sep,Nov
Royal Alfred 777 Guildford Thursday Jan,Mar,May,Oct,Nov
Royal Borough of Kingston 4614 Surbiton Wednesday Jan,Mar,May,Sep,Nov
Royal Edward 4787 Guildford Monday Feb,Mar,Apr,Nov,Dec
Royal Kingston 5377 Surbiton Tuesday Feb,May,Sep,Nov
Rutlish 4416 Sutton Friday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
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