Masonic Lodges in the Province of Surrey.

D to L

Lodge Name and Number

Masonic Meeting Centre

Meeting Day

Meeting Months

Democratic 9451 Surbiton Saturday Jan,Apr,Oct
Ditton Surbiton Friday Jan,Mar,Oct,Nov
Dobie 889 Surbiton Wednesday Jan, Mar,May,Oct
Dorking 1149 Dorking Monday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Dormer 2222 Surbiton Saturday Jan,Apr,May,Oct
East Surrey 2769 Redhill (Nutfield) Wednesday Feb,May,Sep,Nov
East Surrey Masters 5888 Croydon Last Weekday Jan,May,Sep
Ebbisham 2422 (Tylers) Croydon Last Weekday Jan,Apr,Aug
Egham 5995 Chertsey Thursday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Elizabethan Jubilee 8814 Croydon Wednesday Feb,Apr,Sep,Nov
Elmbridge 5838 Surbiton Saturday Feb,Jun,Sep,Dec
Ember Manor 4740 Esher Monday Jan,Mar,May,Oct
Fearnhamme 9149 Farnham Wednesday Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,Oct,Nov
Fountainhead 9707 Croydon Thursday Apr,Jun,Sep,Dec
Frederick Lodge of Unity 452 Croydon Saturday Jan,Mar,May,Sep,Nov
Frederick Wheeler 8037 Croydon Wednesday Jan,Mar,Oct,Nov
Friendship and Welcome (Research) Redhill (Nutfield) Saturday Mar,May,Oct
Garth 5552 Stoneleigh Inn Stoneleigh Broadway Friday Jan,Mar,May,Oct
Gatehouse 5860 Surbiton Saturday Jan,MarSep,Nov
Gatwick 2502 Redhill (Nutfield) Monday Jan,Feb,Apr,Oct,Nov
Gavel and Sextant 6463 Guildford Friday Feb,May,July,Oct
George Price 2096 Croydon Saturday Feb,May,Oct,Dec
Glenmore 5543 Surbiton Friday Jan,Mar,May,Oct
Godalming 3811 Godalming Monday Feb,Apr,Oct,Nov,Dec
Godstone 7159 Redhill (Nutfield) Thursday Jan,Mar,Sep,Nov
Guildford Lodge 5443 Guildford Wednesday Jan,Mar,Apr,Oct,Nov
Hale 9272 Farnham Wednesday Feb,Apr,May,Oct,Dec
Haroldslea 7328 Redhill (Nutfield) Wednesday Mar,Apr,Oct,Nov,Dec
Hindhead 5183 Hindhead Wednesday Mar,Apr,May,Oct,Nov,Dec
Homestead 6465 Sutton Saturday Feb,Jun,Sep,Nov
Honeywood 8440 Surbiton Thursday Jan,Mar,Jun,Nov
James Speller 3577 Croydon Thursday Feb,Mar,Sep,Oct,Nov
John Lord Lumley 5885 Sutton Tuesday Mar,Jun,Sep,Nov
Kingston Aero 3860 Surbiton Saturday Jan,Mar,May,Oct,Nov
Kingston Temple 4722 Surbiton Saturday Jan,Mar,May,Sep,Nov
Lamborn 8733 Sutton Tuesday Jan,Mar,Oct,Nov
Lavender 6429 Croydon Wednesday Jan,Mar,May,Sep
Light from the East 4186 Surbiton Saturday Jan,Feb,Apr,Nov
Lingfield 7802 Redhill (Nutfield) Monday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Lodge Light In Arabia 3870 Croydon Friday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Lodge of Allegiance 6213 Croydon Friday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Lodge of Construction 9455 Redhill (Nutfield) Thursday Feb,May,Oct,Dec
Lodge of Friendship and Harmony 1616 Godalming Thursday Feb,May,Jun,Oct
Lodge of Good Companions 7524 Surbiton Wednesday Fed,Apr,Oct,Dec
Lodge of Good Report 7535 Croydon Friday Jan,Apr,Sept,Nov
Lodge of Grand Design 6077 Great Bookham Saturday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Lodge of Harmony and Progress 7837 Surbiton Friday Jan,Mar,Oct.Dec
Lodge of Light and Learning 8150 Croydon Saturday Jan,Mar,May,Nov
Lodge of Mutual Defence 6711 Croydon Monday Apr,Oct,Dec
Lodge of Quality 9356 Croydon Tuesday Mar,Jun,Oct,Dec
Lodge of Radiance 6950 Croydon Saturday Feb,May,Sep,Nov
Lodge of Remembrance 6188 Surbiton Saturday Feb,May,Sep,Dec
Lodge of Resolve 7177 Croydon Wednesday Jan,Apr,May,Oct
Lodge of Saint Jude 8138 Croydon Monday Feb,Apr,Nov
Lodge of Service 7470 Surbiton Tuesday Mar,May,Oct,Dec
Lodge of Unanimity 7721 Redhill (Nutfield) Monday Jan,Mar,Oct,Dec
Lodge of United Endeavour 7405 Sutton Saturday Feb,Apr,Jun,Nov
Look Forward 9305 Bisley Saturday Mar,May,June,Aug,Oct
Lorne 1347 Sutton Saturday Feb,Mar,Nov,Dec
Lovekyn Chantry 6807 Kingston upon Thames Friday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Lumen 4922 Surbiton Thursday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
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