Masonic Lodges in the Province of Surrey.

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Lodge Name and Number

Masonic Meeting Centre

Meeting Day

Meeting Months

Abbey 2120 Chertsey Wednesday Jan,Apr,Sept,Nov
Addington 5080 Croydon Saturday Mar,Apr,Oct,Dec
Addiscombe 1556 Croydon Saturday Jan,Mar,Apr,Nov
Agincourt 7172 Camberley Wednesday Jan,Feb,Mar,May,Oct,Nov,Dec
Albany 2652 Surbiton Tuesday Feb,Mar,Apr,May,nov
Albert Edward 1714 Camberley Wednesday Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,Sep,Oct,Nov,Dec
Alvering 8262 Sutton Tuesday Feb,May,Oct,Dec
Angelus 4552 Surbiton Saturday Feb,Apr,Sep,Dec
Archbishop Abbot 6050 Godalming Friday Jan,Mar,Apr,Sep,Nov
Arnold 1981 Surbiton Tuesday Mar,Apr,Jun,Sep,Oct
Astede 4693 Surbiton Tuesday Jan,Mar,Apr,Nov
Astolat 5848 Guildford Thursday Jan,Mar,Apr,Sep,Nov
Athelstan 4771 Surbiton Monday Feb,May,Oct,Dec
Athene 5349 Sutton Saturday Feb,May,Sep,Dec
Aultone 6873 Sutton Thursday Jan,Mar,May,Nov
Azor 9208 Farnham Friday Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,Oct,Nov
Bagshot 4804 Camberley Monday Jan,Feb,Mar,Oct,Nov,Dec
Ballards 5091 Croydon Saturday Jan,Mar,Oct,Nov
Banstead 5032 Sutton Saturday Jan,Feb,Apr,Oct
Bargate 5829 Godalming Saturday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Baron Carleton 8434 Surbiton Monday Feb,Apr,Nov,Dec
Beddington 5492 Sutton Wednesday Jan,Apr,Sep,Nov
Bedford Park 6294 Croydon Thursday Mar,May,Oct,Dec
Benhilton 5541 Sutton Friday Feb,Mar,Oct,Nov
Bisley 2317 Godalming Tuesday Jan,Feb,Mar,Oct,Nov
Bond of Friendship 8457 Croydon Thursday Feb,Apr,Sep,Dec
Box Hill 5858 Redhill (Nutfield) Tuesday Feb.Apr,Oct,Dec
Bramston Beach 2101 Godalming Thursday Jan,Mar,May,Sep,Nov
British Forces Foundation 9725 Croydon Monday Feb,May,Sep,Nov
Brownrigg 1638 Surbiton Wednesday Apr,Jun,Sep,Dec
Bucknill 4527 Godalming Wednesday Feb,Apr,Oct,Nov,
Burma-Kohima 8978 Guildford Tuesday Jan,Feb,Mar,Oct,Nov
Burstow 4376 Croydon Wednesday Feb,May,Sep,Nov
Camberley 5591 Camberley Tuesday Feb,Mar,Apr,Oct,Nov,Dec
Carshalton 4429 Sutton Saturday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Castle 6657 Farnham Friday Jan,Mar,May,Sep,Nov
Castle Keep 6446 Godalming Thursday Feb,Mar,Apr,Oct,Nov,Dec
Castlemartyr 8420 (Prov Executive) Surbiton Thursday May,Nov
Caterham 2095 Redhill (Nutfield) Saturday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Cheam Village 6394 Sutton Tuesday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Cherchefelle 6543 Redhill (Nutfield) Wednesday Jan,Mar,Sep,Nov
Chessington 6076 Surbiton Friday Jan,Mar,May,Oct,Dec
Cheyham 5401 Sutton Monday Mar,May,Oct,Dec
Chingestune 5542 Surbiton Monday Feb,Mar,Sep,Nov
Chipstead 5463 Redhill (Nutfield) Friday Feb,Apr,Sep,Dec
Claremont 1861 Croydon Monday Feb,Apr,Sep,Nov
Claygate 7930 Surbiton Thursday Apr,May,Oct,Dec
Clocktower from Haslemere 7711 Bisley Friday Feb,April,Sept,Nov
Comet 7710 Croydon Monday Mar,May,Oct,Dec
Compass Rose 9045 Surbiton Thursday Jan,Apr,Sep,Nov
Composite 7162 Croydon Tuesday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Copthorne 5427 Sutton Saturday Mar,May,Sep,Nov
Corinthian 5482 Surbiton Friday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Coulsdon 4547 Croydon Thursday Feb,Apr,Sep,Nov
Coulsdon Lodge of Perseverance 5611 Sutton Tuesday Feb,Apr,Sep,Nov
Coveham 4212 Surbiton Wednesday Mar,May,Oct,Dec
Cradiden 6571 Redhill (Nutfield) Saturday Mar,May,Oct,Dec
Cranleigh 3445 Cranleigh Wednesday Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,Oct,Nov
Crescamus 7776 Croydon Monday Feb,May,Oct,Dec
Crescent 5054 Surbiton Monday Jan Mar,Sep,Nov
Croham Hurst 3968 Croham Hurst (Golf Club) Thursday Jan,Feb,Oct,Nov
Croydon Airport 5047 Croydon Tuesday Feb,Mar,Oct,Dec
Croydon Chantry 5063 Croydon Tuesday Jan,Apr,Jun,Oct
Croydon Lodge of Achievement 8554 Croydon Tuesday Feb,May,Sep,Nov
Croydon Lodge Of Concord 463 Croydon Wednesday Feb,Apr,Sep,Nov
Croydon Lodge of Endeavour 7315 Croydon Saturday Feb,Apr,Jun,Oct
Croydon Lodge of Fellowship 8141 Croydon Thursday Jan,Mar,May,Nov
Croydon Lodge of Freedom 5878 Croydon Wednesday Jan,Apr,Sept,Nov
Croydon Lodge of Unity 5164 Croydon Saturday Feb, Jun,Oct,Dec
Croydon Millenary Croydon Wednesday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Croydon Sincerity 7575 Croydon Tuesday Feb,Apr,Oct,Dec
Cyclist Lodge 2246 Surbiton Saturday Mar,June,July,Sept
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