George Price Chapter – a special Exaltation

On 11th January the Companions of George Price Chapter no 2096 were pleased to receive an official visit from E Comp Mark Watkins PAGDC, AProvGP, representing the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent.

Also in attendance, as a guest, was E Comp Eugene Regan, PGStB, Past Provincial 3rd Grand Principal.

The Chapter was opened by the MEZ, E Comp Stephen Carter-Smith PPGReg, who welcomed the representative of the ME Grand Superintendent and E Comp Reagan together with all the guests and visitors.

The MEZ invited E Comp Anthony Irving IPZ to occupy the First Principals Chair to conduct the ceremony of Exaltation for his brother-in-law W.Bro Edward St Clair Kellaway, a member and Past Master of Croydon Lodge of Freedom no 5878.

It was a cracking ceremony which was delivered by all the officers in an exemplary manner enjoyed by all the Companions present.

The Signs were explained by the MEZ, E Comp Stephen Carter-Smith, who also presented the third part of the Mystical Lecture.

The Historical Lecture was presented by 3rd Principal, E comp Peter Lewis.

The first & second parts of Mystical Lecture were explained by the Scribe E, E Comp Chris Day PProvAGDC.

W.Bro, now Comp Kellaway, was congratulated on becoming the newest Companion in the Province, and wished many happy years of membership of George Price Chapter.

E Comp Irving then invited E Comp Carter-Smith to re-occupy his rightful place in the Chapter as First Principal and thanked him for allowing him the opportunity of Exalting his brother-in-law.

The Chapter was closed whereupon the members and their guests retired to the bar and then a splendid Festive Board at Croydon Masonic Hall.

Article by Mark Watkins.

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