An Executive Visit to Tiffinian Lodge

In January 2020, W.Bro. Bill Caughie, Assistant Provincial Grand Master, visited Tiffinian Lodge No 3530.

After the Lodge was opened W.Bro. Vince Thomas, the Escorting Officer, was admitted and advised the Worshipful Master, W.Bro. James McNicholas, that the Worshipful Assistant Provincial Grand Master was in the ante room and demanded admission to the Lodge.  The Assistant Provincial Grand Master entered and was welcomed by the Worshipful Master.  He was presented with the gavel and took the Chair.  After addressing the Brethren he took the minutes and vacated the Chair.

A ballot was taken for Mr Dilesh Sangaran.  This proved in his favour and Mr Sangaran was admitted and Initiated by the Worshipful Master.

The Worshipful Master was assisted by W.Bro. Eric Fogg, the Senior Warden, who gave the Address in the North East; Bro. Wijaya Mallikaaratchi who presented the Working Tools; and Bro. James Strong, the Junior Warden, who gave the Address after Initiation.  We were also treated to a piece of ritual I had not witnessed before – the Apron Charge.  This was given in an excellent manner by W.Bro. Paddy, the Worshipful Master.

Bro. Dilesh was congratulated by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master and welcomed into the Province of Surrey.

The Worshipful Assistant Provincial Grand Master was then invited to present a Grand Lodge Certificate to Bro. Steven Bannell, which he did in his own special way.

The Worshipful Master thanked W.Bro. Bill for the way he presented Bro. Steven with his Grand Lodge Certificate.

After the Lodge was closed the Brethren of Tiffinian Lodge and their many guests sat down to a most convivial Festive Board at the Surbiton Masonic Centre.

Article and photos by Chris Eley

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