A Special Exaltation for Moreford Chapter

In December, the Companions of Moreford Chapter No 7097 were pleased to receive as a guest the Second Provincial Grand Principal, E.Comp. Stephen Dingvean; and a number of other guests to assist in the Ceremony of Exaltation of Bro. Paulo Campos.
The Chapter was opened by the MEZ, E.Comp. Arthur Forder, who welcomed everyone, especially the Second Provincial Grand Principal.
After the minutes had been taken the MEZ invited E.Comp. Alan Bayliss, Past Deputy Grand Superintendent, to present a Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate to Comp. Bob Bentley. This was done in a very interesting and informative way.

A ballot was then taken for Bro. Paulo Jose Campos, a Master Mason of Carshalton Lodge No 4429. This proved in his favour and Bro. Paulo was admitted and Obligated by the MEZ, assisted by E.Comp. Gordon Hamilton, who acted as the Principal Sojourner.

The MEZ then invited E.Comp. Chris Eley, PGStB, PAProvGP, to continue with the remainder of the ceremony. This was especially appreciated as Chris has known Paulo since he was Advanced into Woodgrange Mark Lodge, the Lodge that E.Comp. Stephen Dingvean is also a member of. During the Ceremony E.Comp.

Chris invited E.Comp. Stephen to assist in sharing the Name with Comp. Paulo. The acting Principal Sojourner, E.Comp. Gordon Hamilton, is a member of Chris’ Mark Lodge, Richmond Lodge of Mark Master Masons.

The signs were explained by E.Comp. Alan Bayliss, the Historical Lecture was given by E.Comp. Alan Watts and the Mystical Lecture by E.Comp. Duncan Bell.

The MEZ, E.Comp. Arthur Forder then Inducted E.Comp. Duncan Bell, PPGSoj, into the First Principal’s Chair in an excellent manner.

The Principals for the ensuing year were then declared and the Chapter Closed.
The Companions of Moreford Chapter and their guests then sat down to a splendid festive board at the Surbiton Masonic Hall.

Article and photographs by Chris Eley

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